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GroupRank - Group Ranking by Project


The Group Rank Service allows you to select an entity (be it a project, a team, or some other natual grouping) and then rank the project (along any number of scales that you select) by inviting selected people to judge the project's success along the scales that you have chosen. You may also select multiple projects and cross-rank them against each other, using the same approach. The people that you select are usually members of the projects or teams that you wish to rank and compare against each otehr.

Invited team members are allowed to vote for each project using the scales that you have provided (they can vote on a scale of 1 to 5 -- with 1 being the lowest/worst and 5 being the highest/best), you can display the results in a color-coded matrix that allows you to compare projects or teams against each other. The ranking methodology also allows you to gain some understanding of how each of the voters votes: i.e., you can often observe patterns in the voting that will allow you to determine which project/team is more or less highly regarded, and you can also observe patterns in people's voting (i.e., higher for my team and lower for everyone elses).

For example, if you have four projects, you could GroupRank each of them by inviting the project managers to rank all four projects -- including their own -- on the attributes (scales) of: Design; Programming; Testing: Delivered Quality; and Timeliness (OnTime). Assuming that these projects are all currently being worked on, this could give you some measure as to how well each of the projects is expected to perform in each of the areas. You tap into the group intelligence of all four project managers and arrive at a ranking that should be more "accurate" than that provided by any single project manager.

As another example, if you have three teams of people doing the same kind of work (say, handling customer service or technical support calls), you could invite each team member to rank all three teams -- including their own -- on the attributes of: Courteousness; Timely Response; and Solution Quality. Again, the collective intelligence of the people on each of teams would provide you with a group measure of how each team is performing in these areas.

These group intelligence rankings can be used in conjunction with other measures that are available, such as task starts/stops or Average Time to Complete.

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