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GroupRank - Group Ranking of Projects

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Use this service to rank a project, a team, or any other entity using ranking by the group of individuals that know what's happening with that entiry. If you would like information about this on-line service, please click the Help button. below.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The CGI::Session should be initiated as part of the project owner login process, not as part of the splash-screen process. Also, we have to determine how/where we are going to save the information -- do we need a CGI::Session only for the duration of the time a user is operating the website (i.e., to save intermediate values)? I believe this is the case, because all the other information will be saved in the mySQL database that stores their project. We need to figure out how to properly manage the CGI::Session and the user's cookies so that there is no ambiguity.

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If you are a project team member who has been invited to rank a project, then please login.

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