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GroupRank - Project Maintenance

Project Maintenance - Add Edit Delete

Please make the changes that you wish to the project information. Once you have completed the changes, click the "OK" button. If you wish to cancel this command and return to the Project Status screen, click the "Cancel" button.

To add a project, first complete the Basic Project Information values. You will then be returned to this screen where you may add Attributes and add Evaluators.

To edit a project, you may select any of the fields, change their values, and then save the updated information by clicking on the appropriate button. You will have to update information on each section (Basic Project Information, Attributes, and Evaluators) individually -- you cannot as yet update information across all three areas and simultaneously update them all.

To delete a project, you may click on any of the buttons and the requested operation will be complete. Please note that if you delete the project, all the attributes and evaluators defined for that project will also be (automatically) deleted!

Project Name
Creation Date
Last Update Date
Last Access Date
onclick='document.Maintain_Projects.rm.value = "add_projects_process"' value="Create Project" onclick='document.Maintain_Projects.rm.value = "edit_projects_process"' value="Save Updated Project" onclick='document.Maintain_Projects.rm.value = "delete_projects_process"' value="Delete Project" tabindex="8">

Below are the attributes you have defined for this project. Click the button to perform the desired action.

Attribute Name
Attribute Description

Below are the evaluators that you have identified for this project. Click the button to perform the desired action. Once an evaluator has been invited, they may not be deleted.

Evaluator Name
Project Association

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