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All the projects you have worked on are listed below, with an indication as to their status. To add a new project, click the "Add" button; To edit an existing project, click the "Edit" button. To delete an existing project, click the "Delete" button.

Projects are represented as table cells which are filled in with TMPL_VARs and which are themselves (each row) contained in a TMPL_LOOP so that multiple projects can be displayed.

There is a basic architecture/design question here and on many other screens: We have three 'application' or 'work' actions that can be taken from this screen (Add, Edit, Delete), as well as one or more 'navigation' or 'system' actions (such as ReturnToPrevious Screen, Logoff, Exit, ...). that can be executed. What is the best way to handle these? Here are some options:

  • Each button or action is contained in its own form, thus pre-defining its own run-mode as part of defining the template.
  • Each group of button types ('application', 'navigation', 'system') or the entire page is contained in its own form and we use Javascript's onClick function to set the run-mode appropriately.

NOTE: There are several assumptions/questions here about processing pages versus run-modes

  1. There are three "stages" or processing for each page: the pre-amble where the page is defined (TMPL_VARs are set) and the page is displayed; the UI stage where the user interacts through the browser and eventually selects an action which invokes the cgi script; and the post-amble where the results of the page are processed.
  2. The run-mode is invoked at the end of the UI stage, then follows with the post-amble stage for the current page and the pre-amble stage for the next page.
  3. Buttons typically are associated with a run-mode (IS THAT TRUE?).
  4. what do we do with the user simply pressing enter and expecting that to complete the action -- especially when there may be multiple forms? We will have to define a default action for the 'Enter' key...

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