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IMC Business Leader Series(tm) June 6, 2007 - Application

The application process is complete - no more applications are being accepted.
Thank you for your interest.

Please submit your application to be a speaker/panelist by completing this form; your application will be emailed to the Event Committee. If you prefer, you can download the Application as a Word document, fill it out, and FAX it to the Committee. For official information about the event, once it has been finalized, please see the IMC NorCal website: www.imcnorcal.org.

We thank you for being willing to present at our Event.

Required fields are shown in Red

Full Name




City, Zip, State






Are you...

IMC Member? CMC Certified?


Presentation (Sharing of presenter's knowledge and expertise on topic)

Interactive (Will Q&A be conducted during the presentation?)

Proposed Presentation Title

Learning Objective

Primary Objective

Provide a one sentence primary objective for your presentation. Please do not give bullet points, multiple objectives joined by semi-colons, or several sentences.

In 100 words or less, provide a summary of your presentation content. If you are selected to present, the description submitted below may be used in promotional material and on the IMC/NorCal website. (NOTE: The IMCNorCal Event Committee reserves the right to edit and/or reduce your title & desription for program clarity.)
Your background/expertise in the topic being presented.
Please include a brief outline of your presentation.
Speaking References
Please provide the Name, Position, Company, Title, Phone #, and Email address for 3 individuals for whom you have presented similar materials.
Terms of Engagement
IMC NorCal requires each presenter to adhere to the following Terms of Agreement prior to and during the event.
  • Work closely with event organizers and meet all deadlines.
  • Work cooperatively to refine your presentation to meet the needs of our target audience (business leaders) and presentation requirements.
  • Make no substantial changes in content, format, audio/visual needs, room setup, identity or number of presenters, without prior approval of event organizers.
  • Design and provide high-quality materials is MSWord or PowerPoint format.
  • Recognize that your presentation is an opportunity to share information and not a showcase for promotion of your own business.
  • Respect IMC NorCal as the sponsoring organization with either positive or neutral comments, either written or oral, before, during and after the Event.
  • Refrain from selling your products or services in your presentation.
  • Allow IMC NorCal to reproduce submitted materials on the IMC NorCal website.
  • Independent recording of presentations is not permitted without prior approval.

By entering my name into the space below, I agree that I will abide by these terms and conditions.



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