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IMC Business Leader Series(tm) Planning Site - June 6, 2007

This page contains information about the upcoming presentation and is used primarily for working with potential speakers and with the IMC (Institute of Management Consultants) Committee working on this event. For official information about the event, once it has been finalized, please see the IMC NorCal website: www.imcnorcal.org.

Links to previous events

Flyer from Spring 2006 Business Leader Series

Flyer from Fall 2006 Business Leader Series

Material for current event

The application process is complete - no more applications are being accepted.
Thank you for your interest.

Speaker Criteria

Speaker Application (Online form)

Speaker Application (Word document)

Planning Information


Value to the business from the new internet/web technologies.

Positioning / Theme

The Internet has typically been a place for posting and finding information, with limited real business value other than for functions such as email and web-conferencing.

Not anymore! At a very rapid pace, new technologies and emerging "Web 2.0" companies are revolutionizing global business functions. Companies , large and small, that fail to leverage these new technologies and adapt to the new marketplace will quickly find themselves at a strategic disadvantage.

Join us and find out how the new NEW Internet is all about making your business better.


  1. VP Marketing or VP Ops types from larger Bay Area employers
  2. Senior Executives from small and mid sized companies (<$100MM)
  3. Other Organizations
  4. IMC Membership
  5. Other Consultants


  1. 2-3 hour breakfast meeting
  2. Series of mini-presentations (15 minutes each; 3 presentations) plus a moderator
    1. Vendor
    2. Expert consultant
    3. Business user


  1. The Sir Francis Drake (currently negotiating)


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