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Archive - #1.2, October 8, 2002


Several weeks ago, I sent out a notice regarding a new anti-spam product that I had started using (SpamNet, by cloudmark.com) and that I thought looked promising. Here's some quick statistics on how it's working on a typical morning:

-- Total email received
-- Total spam messages
-- Spam 'caught' by SpamNet
-- Spam 'missed' by SpamNet (which I then "blocked" to keep from missing in the future)
-- False negative; incorrectly caught as spam (which I then "unblocked" to allow through in the future)

I am very pleased with the product -- it has definitely made my life easier. Check them out at www.cloudmark.com.

In that same email I also asked the question:

If you're not receiving too much spam, let me know how you did it:

Here's a response that I got from Mitch Wyle through Terry Stavropoulos...


I (Mitch) use four stages of spam filtering.

To prevent spam harvesters from getting my email address I use a free service: http://www.sneakemail.com/ to generate a new, unique email address for each service that requires an email address. When spam starts to come through on one of these addresses, I simply turn on one of the features of sneakemail.com to stop the spam. I have about 250 email addresses on sneakemail.com.

I also maintain an email address at http://www.gmx.net because their email service and spam filtering is better than AOL, MSN or Yahoo.

When I send a message to an email list that will end up on a public archive, I am careful to adjust message headers so that my email address is "human readable" but not so easily parsed by spam robot email address harvesters.

From: mitch at wyle dot org

The other systems I use are for programmers (procmail filters, real-time black hole filtering, and aliases on my mail server).


Have a great day!



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