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who we've worked with and what they've said

Link to Partial Client List & Letters of Reference

Selected Quotes From Satisfied Clients

"Thank you for the outstanding job you recently did in assessing our IT department and recommending new approaches to the challenges that we face. Your comments were timely and valuable, and helped us come to the right conclusions with regard to our planned system upgrade."

Ronald B. Klein, Vice President, CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company

"I want to thank you for the senior level guidance you offered our Information Systems' Department over the last several months. Your contributions in helping us scope the effort and provide needed assistance to our personnel has been most appreciated."

Mike Anthofer, Senior Vice President & CFO, Concentric Network Corporation

"Thank you for the outstanding job you have done for Centura Software Corporation. Your leadership, professionalism and attention to detail have made the difference in our MIS Department."

John Bowman, Chief Financial Officer, Centura Software Corporation

"Jon created a complex business management system that remains the envy of many other UCSF departments. He has also provided expert advice for personnel and efficient time management. In the past fourteen years Jon has demonstrated his ability to listen and understand his clients' needs using his strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills."

Freeman Bradley, Director, UCSF Instructional & Research Support Services

"...your responsibilities were wide-ranging and required that you exercise a good deal of tact, while at the same time holding people and organizations accountable for their own responsibilities. Given the extreme pressure and visibility under which the entire project operated, you accomplished your assignments with a high degree of professionalism and effectiveness."

Joe Rusin, Senior Vice President, First Nationwide Bank

"Thank you for the excellent support you provided Phase One with regard to future planning and direction for our database management product. You were the catalyst in making necessary and valuable changes to the product, from a management and technical point of view."

Ron Gibbs, President, Phase One Systems, Incorporated

"Thanks for the tremendous support you provided on the CHEXS project. The excellent work you did in defining roles, defining and documenting data standards, defining and implementing data sharing procedures all contributed to an organized and well thought out component of the project.I especially liked the way that you were always able to work out unconventional but effective methods for obtaining the information we needed."

T. (Ray) Price, Program Manager, TRW Systems Integration Group

"His services during this period were invaluable. His ability to help the team focus on specific issues was instrumental in maintaining a tight schedule."

Robert B. Silva, Director Information Management & Services Division, California Lottery

"Your report was highly effective in educating the master and... directly contributed to the positive settlement that we were able to achieve in the case."

Gene Royce, Royce Grimm Vranjes McCormick & Graham LLP

Partial Client List

(Click on a link to view the reference letter)

(The Alternative Board - TAB: business coaching)

Alborg, Veiluva & Cannata LLP
(Expert witness: software contract dispute)

Amdahl Corp
(IT department interface/support)

American Textile & Supply
(The Alternative Boad - TAB: business coaching)

(Business & organizational development)
(Software Development & Support)
(The Alternative Board - TAB: business coaching)

Bank of America
(SW development; project management; project life-cycle)

Branhan & Day, P.C.
(Expert witness: Contract performance/billing dispute)

California Lottery
(System review & evaluation)

Camico Mutual Insurance Company
(IT Assessment)
(Business Process Re-Engineering)

Centura Software Corporation
(IT Management)

Charles Schwab
(Project Management)

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
(Expert witness: Contract software & services dispute)

Clarent Corporation
(IT Management; Business Process Re-Engineering; Y2K)

Claris Corporation
(IT Management; Disaster Recovery)

Cohen, Kennedy
(Expert witness: Contract software dispute)

Concentric Networks
(IT Management)

Concept Marine Associates
(Business & organizational development)

Cooley, Godward
(Expert witness; software copyright)

Crosby, Heafy, Roach, & May
(Expert witness: Contract & trade secrets dispute)

Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
(Expert witness: Contract software dispute)

Downey Brand Seymour & Rohwer
(Expert witness: software contract dispute)

Encompass Knowledge Systems
(Activity-Based Costing Analysis; Project management)

Fidelity Roof Company
(The Alternative Board - TAB: business coaching)
(Business Process Improvement)

First Nationwide Bank
(Project management)

IdealMedia, LLC
(Website remediation / project management)

(Software Development)

Fredrickson & Byron, PA
Pietragallo Bosick & Gordon, LLP
The Webb Law Firm
(Expert witness: Database software dispute)

IP Unity
(ISO/9000; Product Management)

John Glenn Adjustors, Inc
(Software conversion)

(IT Outsourcing Management/SLA Preparation)

McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen, LLP
(Expert witness: software contract dispute)

Nelson Mullens
(Expert witness: Contract software and Y2K dispute)

NetFRAME, Inc.
(Project management; project recovery)

(IT Management; Facilities move)

Pacer International
(Outsourcing due-diligence)

Phase One Systems, Incorporated
(Market & product research)

Rivkin Radler, LLP
(Expert witness: (Web software development dispute)

Royce, Grimm, Vranjes, McCormisk & Grahan, LLP
(Expert witness: Web software & trade secrets dispute)

San Francisco State University
(Speaker; education support)

Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek
(Expert witness: Web software & trade secrets dispute)

Silicon Graphics
(Project management; project recovery)

SPI Group
(System Selection)

Stanford University
(Software development; training; standards)

TRW Financial Systems, Inc.
(Software life cycle; standards & security management)

TRW Systems Integration Group
(Software development; configuration management; software life-cycle)

University of California, San Francisco
(Software development; financial analysis/cost projections)

University of San Francisco
(Speaker; educational support)

Varian Medical Systems
(Speaking: Information Technology Management)

Winston & Strawn
(Expert witness: software development dispute


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