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If IT doesn't understand your business,
how can they add value to your business?

  • Sure, you need an accounting package and IT can help you select and implement that, but are they making you and your business more productive?
  • How about the wasted effort when a new employee comes in the door and they can't get on the system for a few days while IT gets it together?
  • How about that mission-critical project that has been dragging on and on, consuming time, money, and people and still not delivering the value you expected?
  • Or what about that business process that just isn't working as well as it should and IT and the business can't seem to communicate about how best to improve things?

These are the kinds of problems we've successfully dealt with in the past and we can do it again.

Our experience tells us that every business is unique. Your people are unique, the way you differentiate your business is unique, your processes are unique, and your needs are unique. There are, however, common threads to every business. Based on those common threads, we can tailor our general approaches to fit the unique needs of your business and your situation.

IT/Project Assessment

Endra sings: "Where were they going without ever knowing the way?" We agree and would add to that: "How did they know where to go without ever knowing where they were?" The initial assessment - whether of a specific project or of your IT Department - is a critical aspect of our services and provides immediate benefits.

Project Definition Process

Someone said: "If you don't know where you're going, any place will do." In business as in life, we must respectfully disagree - winding up stuck in a tar pit isn't anyone's idea of having a nice day.

Strategic Information Technology Planning

How can your Information Technology group add value to the business if they don't know what the business is all about? If they don't deal with business issues regularly? If they don't build relationships with the business community? The answer is - They can't.

CIO Mentoring

Being a CIO or IT Director is a tough and often thankless job. No one cares why the corporate email system went down - they just want it to work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… from anywhere in the world.

Business Process Renovation

You know the issue - business managers keep asking for "just one more little change" to the application that will solve all their problems, or one more special report - "it shouldn't be a big deal, right?"


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