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Archive - #1, August 23, 2002


If you use Outlook for your email client and receive too much spam (if you're not receiving too much spam, let me know how you did it :), here's a product you might want to consider.

It's from Cloudmark and is called SpamNet: (http://www.cloudmark.com) or (http://www.cloudmark.com/products/spamnet/) for details. It's a later beta release, bu there are already 45,000 users and it seems to be pretty stable.

The neat part is that it is a distributed, peer-to-peer application that shares spam "signatures" between all users of the system. Thus, you learn from other's input as well as your own.

You can add to the spam list (i.e., vote on an item being spam) by clicking a "block" button; you can remove an item from the spam list (again, a vote) by clicking on the "unblock" button. All emails that SpamNet recognizes as spam are put into a special "Spam" folder. Because all items are voted on, one person can't easily hijack the system by unblocking spam they are sending.

Installation is a piece of cake -- straightforward and no errors encountered. There have been no glitches as far as basic operation is concerned (I've had a couple of emails that it thought was spam but I simply "unblocked" them. I've used the product for a couple of weeks and am quite pleased.

Works on Outlook 2000/2002/XP with an Outlook Express version coming "real soon now".


This is one of occasional mailings to people I know and respect. Feel free to ignore what doesn't interest you. I'll give you my best opinion, but your mileage may vary.

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