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Issue #7.1, May 11, 2004

It's Not The Technology, Dude™...

1. SpamNet - Reduced Rate Available
2. Complaining about SPAM - Tell it to the FCC
3. MS Office Pasword Problems - Fixed
4. Item #4 - Comment
5. Item #5 - Comment
6. Item #6 - Comment
7. Item #7 - Comment
** Feedback - Comments, please

1. SpamNet - Reduced Rate Available

As many of you know, I have been using and recommending spamNet (an anti-spam produce from Cloudmark.com) for some time now. The product works by what is essentially a "voting" process. The users of the system each vote on whether an email is spam or not spam by clicking on a "Block" or "Unblock" button that the product inserts into your Outlook toolbar. If enough users vote to "Block" the email, then SpamNet registers that information in its central server and then automatically blocks that email when you receive it.

You can individually "Unblock" an email if you want to receive it, but your single vote won't change the overall effect of having almost one million subscribers vote. You can individually WhiteList individual domain names so that you always receive them. They have a protective mechanism to limit the ability of spammers to "Unblock" their own spam and effect the voting process: if a person votes against the majority too often, that individual's vote are discounted to some extent. In January of this year, PC Magazine awarded them 4 stars, based on the accuracy of the service. Almost every spam is identified, and almost no legitimate emails are erroneously called spam.

As a beta-tester for SpamNet, I received a free account, and was offered a reduced-rate to signup for the for-fee product. Rather than paying $3.99 per month, you can get it for $1.99 per month, by using my

2. Complaining about SPAM - Tell it to the FCC

3. MS Office Password Problems - Fixed

4. ITEM #4 - Comment

5. ITEM #5 - Comment

6. ITEM #6 - Comment

7. ITEM #7 - Comment

** FEEDBACK -- Comments, please

As always, comments are welcome. Use the form below to send them to me. If you tried to use the email form I included in my last email, my apologies -- it was broken. This one works :)

1/1/2007 - The feedback form has been disabled; too many spammers using it :-(

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